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 It's Registration Time for the 2017-2018 School Year!

Our Mission: "To ensure that all students graduate with the skills necessary to attend a college, university, technical college or training program - and succeed. "

High school success sets the stage for college readiness and eventual careers. This registration process is purposely geared toward meeting graduation requirements that support potential career choices. The 2017-2018 Academic Registration Guide, including credit requirements, course descriptions and course numbers along with other useful tools, and associated registration forms can be found at

In order to effectively register for the 2017-2018 school year, please consider the following:


Students who plan to earn a 4-year degree should:

        Stay in math & science all the way through Senior year

        Take a minimum of two to three years of a world language

        Continue to develop academic skills by choosing challenging and rigorous courses

Students who plan to attend a community/technical college or training program should:

       Stay in math and other challenging courses

       Seek out electives that strengthen skills within a particular career interest


General rules to follow:

Go to the Registration Guide to read course descriptions, find course numbers, and learn about prerequisite requirements
Fill out the back page of the registration worksheet to ensure that all requirements are met  
Identify career interest(s) on the front page of the registration worksheet
Completely fill out course requests and their course numbers, including alternates  Have parents sign the front of the form
Registration night, first see advisor, then dean, then register online using course numbers
Leave your list of course requests in the lab

Important Dates:

January 18-27 Registration Materials distributed through Advisory (Gr 10 & 11) and to grade 9 at the junior highs

January 31 @ 6:30 p.m. Parent Information Meeting in High School Auditorium


New District-Wide Bullying Prevention Form Available

In a continuing effort to prevent bullying and quickly deal with any bullying that occurs, Forest Lake Area Schools has launched a new district-wide procedure for identifying and reporting bullying behavior. If you believe that your child, or a student you know is being bullied, please fill out this Bullying Reporting Form. The form can be filled out online, but must be printed and signed before it is turned in at any school office in the district. Paper copies of the form are also available at each school building and the Community Education office. For more information about bullying prevention in Forest Lake Area Schools, visit the bullying resource page here.

Trap Team

Trap Team Meeting January 24 at 6:30


Success in the 21st century is strongly dependent on the ability to access, evaluate, use, and even create information effectively. These skills can be developed naturally in classrooms when students have access to technology, but use of technology becomes artificial and clumsy when it is reduced to the occasional visit to a computer lab. Soon, this will all change. Beginning this fall, all high school students are expected to bring a technology device to class every day. 
Learn more from our web pages on student technologyincluding what devices are appropriate, recommended technical specifications, or suggestions on what to buy. This website also includes information on how to secure a school-owned device for students who are not able to purchase a device using family resources.


Our mission at 
Forest Lake High School:

"To ensure that
all students 
graduate with the skills
to attend a college, 
technical college, 
or training program 
and succeed."
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