Business Education Courses
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# 2100 - Accounting I (10-12)
# 2110 - Accounting II (10-12)
# 2210 – Marketing (10-12)
# 2215 - Entrepreneurship (10-12)
# 2300 - Business and Personal Law I (10-12) 
# 2310 - Business and Personal Law II (11-12) 
# 2314 – Droid App Design: Java (10-12)
# 2315 – Sales (10-12)
# 2316 – Business Leadership (11-12)
# 2317 – Hospitality and Tourism Management (10-12)


Course 1550 Media & Technology Support Team IA (10-12)
Course 1551 Media & Technology Support Team IB (10-12)

Prerequisite: instructor permission/approval

Students will become members of the Tech Team to develop knowledge and understanding of a wide range of instructional technologies while assisting their peers and staff members. Students will work as an adjunct to the tech support staff, and will provide support and perform minor repairs. Students work independently and in pairs to provide a technology help desk. In addition, students work on projects and assignments designed to increase their knowledge and skills in things such as Google Apps, web development, use of peripheries, hardware and software repair and upgrades, etc. In addition to class time, the whole team has monthly meetings outside of the school day. Meeting times are set by mutual agreement of team members. Click here to learn more about the FLHS Tech Team.

Students must complete a separate application and will be selected by instructor.

This is a 1.0 credit course, and will be taken over 2 terms.


Course # 1552 Media & Technology Support Team IIA (11-12)

Course # 1153 Media & Technology Support Team IIB (11-12)

Prerequisite: Media & Technology Support Team I and instructor approval

This course is a continuation of the work begun in Media & Tech I. Students will assume a leadership role within the student tech team, and will assist level I students, and they will continue their work with the building’s technology staff. In addition, each time a student takes Media & Tech II, they will set a personal learning goal in a topic of their choice. Topics may include such things as robotics, coding, web design, app development or other independent learning experiences and must be approved by the instructor.

Students must complete a separate application and will be selected by instructor.

This is a 0.5 credit course, and but it may be taken twice each year. (This course may NOT be taken in the same year as Media & Tech I).

Course # 2020 - Web Design and Coding (9)
Welcome to the dynamic world of web design! This class will prepare students to enter into a lifetime of web design and development. Throughout the course they will learn and apply different ways of designing pages for the web. The course will take HTML programming and apply it to both personal and business use.
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Course # 2492 - Sports Marketing (9)
Take a step-by-step journey through the world of Sports Marketing and discover behind-the-scenes marketing elements involved in the sports entertainment industry. Technology will navigate the journey to investigate the marketing of college and professional sports and products and services through sports events. This journey will begin with selling sports-related products to students in the school. Students will also have the opportunity to learn from the experts who are involved in the marketing of the Minnesota Twins at Target Field. Take part in a fantasy league simulation to build and manage a team to compete with the class. Finally, explore the various marketing careers in the sports industry, what they entail, and what college programs will continue the marketing journey!
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Course # 2493 - Fashion Merchandising (9)
Are Saturdays often spent sifting through magazines for the latest retro styles? Are friends always asking to borrow chic shoes and funky accessories? If so, take a walk down the fashion runway in this class. Students will quickly discover that behind the glamorous displays in boutiques and department stores is the creative work of a fashion merchandising guru. In this class students will learn how these business professionals make important decisions that can sail or fail a retail clothing store like Hollister, Zumiez, or Abercrombie and Fitch. With a unique blend of fashion sense and business savvy, fashion merchandisers help store owners decide what products to stock, how to display them to shoppers, and how to quickly sell them. Essentially, students will learn about the manufacturing, buying, promoting, and selling of fashion items, from clothing and jewelry to cosmetics and furniture. They’ll have lots of opportunities to express a passion for fashion through exciting computer-based projects including the final project, which is producing a fashion show. The result? Graduate as a savoir-fair business professional with a finger on the pulse of the fashion retailing world.masks


Course # 2022 - Web Design & Social Media Marketing (10-12)
The fast paced world of web design is exciting and profitable, creative and fun. Students will create web pages for a local business by using Dreamweaver software. This project-based class will prepare students for a career and a future in a field that is always growing!
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Course # 2024 – Video Game Design & Marketing (10-12)

Just about everyone has sneaked the odd five minutes here or there playing the latest video game that someone sent around, but creating those games is trickier than it looks. Students will use their creativity to design and program their own games to be played by others on the web! This class will teach the programming skills needed to create the newest game sensation!
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Course # 2025 – Today’s Technologies (10-12)

We live in a technological world and it impacts almost every area of our lives. Be ready for success as you become more aware of the technology around you. This class is designed to open the students' eyes to the emerging world of technology. Projects in this class will revolve around Microsoft Office, YouTube, wikis, electronic forums, Pod Casting, web sites, and digital photos. Time will be spent looking at newly emerging technologies as well. This class will give students a competitive edge in the world we live in.
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Course # 2026 - Microsoft Office Suite (10-12)

Ranger U There are over 500 million Microsoft Office users in the world! This class will teach the skills needed in this global marketplace. This project based class will prepare students to create business documents using Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. This is a great foundation course that will aid in career development and will be a valuable asset to all other courses in preparing for the future.
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Course # 2027 – Personal Money Management (11-12) money management

Prepare for financial success and learn to use Microsoft Excel. Students will compete with each other by picking stocks in an investing simulation. Students will work on practical applications like paying for college, managing credit, budgeting and purchasing a car. This course provides the skills students need to compete in today’s job market and handle personal finance. Students will make a plan for after they leave Forest Lake High School. They will complete actual applications for colleges and scholarships. This is a great course to help prepare for the future, and get off to a good start financially.
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Course # 2100 - Accounting I (10-12)

Accounting is a class that every student will use in life. Everyone, personally or for a business, must plan ways to keep spending within available income. All persons must keep personal financial records. Accounting I will prepare students with the skills to help them understand the financial accounting of a business in their career choice and in their personal lives.
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Course # 2110 – Accounting II (10-12)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Accounting I
Many jobs are available in the accounting field. Many people use accounting as a means of earning a living. Students will use an accounting simulation to give them a realistic hands-on experience of the business world. After completing Accounting II, students will have gained enough marketable skills to begin an entry-level job as an accounting clerk. This course is a continuation of Accounting I and should be taken in succession for best results.
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Course # 2120 – Computerized Accounting/Accounting III (10-12)
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Accounting II
Accurate accounting records contribute to business success and help to avoid failure and bankruptcy. An increasing amount of accounting work is done using computers. Accounting III emphasizes computerized accounting systems as well as advanced accounting concepts and principles. This class will serve as a good foundation for students who plan to continue accounting at the college level.
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Course # 2210 – Marketing (10-12)
Ranger U Can you hear me now? Learn how this slogan boosted Verizon Wireless to the top! This class will explore the interactive and exciting field of marketing. This project based class will explore a variety of fields including Fashion Merchandising, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, and Advertising Campaigns. Successful completion of this course may enable students to earn 3 semester credits from Pine Technical and Community College. (Marketing)
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Course # 2215 - Entrepreneurship (10-12)
Ranger U Who wants to be the boss? This class encourages students to examine all the major steps involved in starting a new business: Ownership, Strategy, Finance, and Marketing. Develop a business plan and learn what it takes to get an entrepreneurial venture off to a good start!
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K-9 police unit Course # 2300 - Business and Personal Law I (10-12)
Ignorance is no excuse. What should be said to the police if someone is arrested? Take Personal Law I to learn the answers to the following questions and more. What is the difference between murder and manslaughter? When can a juvenile be tried as an adult in the state of Minnesota? These and other pertinent legal questions will be answered in this elective course. Topics include an introduction to law, fraud, negligence, property crimes, and crimes against people, with special emphasis on alcohol-related crimes such as drunk driving. The main emphasis of the course is to provide students with the legal information they will need to know as young adults in today’s society. The course includes guest speakers (when available), group activities, and an opportunity to visit the Washington County Jail. Year in and year out, this course continues to be the most popular elective at the high school.
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Course # 2310 - Business and Personal Law II (11-12)
Personal Law is a course that will prepare students for future legal and practical life issues. Students will undoubtedly face challenges as they move into the adult world, and this course will help them develop skills needed to conquer them. Over one-half of the course material covers Constitutional issues, such as freedom of speech and religion, gun control, and the rights of the accused. The balance of the course deals with issues involving law enforcement, personal safety, the courts, prisons, and landlord/tenant law. Students will also study a unit on technology and social media laws. Year after year, Personal Law has been a very popular elective course. The material is both interesting and fun.
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Course # 2314 – Droid App Design: Java (10-12)

This is an introductory mobile application design & programming course! Students will navigate the world of mobile apps using Java and Eclipse for Android devices. No programming experience is needed for this class. By the end of the course students will be able to successfully download real working mobile applications for Android devices!
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Course # 2315 – Sales (10-12)

Want to be the best you can be? Good selling skills help reach personal and professional goals faster! This class will teach practical skills that can be put to use today! This will be a fun and interactive class where students learn skills to sell and to manage a sales force. Join the fast paced business world and learn how to close the sale with ease!
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Course # 2316 – Business Leadership (11-12)
This is the chance to take the lead in business! This course will create an actual non profit business to be run and managed by students! This class will be designed to have a positive impact on the local community, while teaching skills that will propel students into the world of management and leadership. Get involved and make an impact!
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Course # 2317 – Hospitality and Tourism Management (10-12)
Have you ever wondered what it would take to run a hotel, restaurant or club? This course welcomes students into the exciting and diverse hospitality and tourism industry. While providing an understanding of the scope and complexity of the industry, the course covers key hospitality issues, management definitions, and career opportunities available in restaurants, hotels, beverage operations, sports venues, entertainment centers, cruise lines, and countless other hospitality and tourism business. Topics include introduction to management issues in all aspects of the hospitality industry, including human resources, customer service, operations, marketing, and planning. This course is an asset to any student interested in exploring career opportunities in hospitality and tourism industry