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Internship Opportunities

Forest Lake Area High School is looking to create ways for students to learn by doing. Internship opportunities will be added here as they become available. 

Career Launch

Career Launch A - Explore Course: 2413 Grade: 11-12

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Prerequisite: Students must have completed, or are registered for at least 3 pathway specific CTE courses as listed in the Career Pathway Guide.

Make your passion a paycheck. In this course, you will explore your career pathway focus, participate in job shadow experiences, develop professional skills (resume building, interview skills, etc.), and earn an industry credential(s). Students will then utilize these skills in a real world setting. You will have the opportunity to develop applicable skills that align with your career goals; and explore post secondary education & training options that support those career goals. The class incorporates online learning components with potential opportunities for release days so that students can pursue individualized experiential learning opportunities. This course aligns with the Minnesota Technical Careers/Occupations Program Standards.

Career Launch B - Experience Course: 2414 Grade: 11-12

Prerequisite: Students have completed at least 3 pathway specific courses & Career Launch A, earned their OSHA-10 credential, and completed the hiring and orientation process at the partnering internship site.

Turn learning into earning. Participate in a real world work based learning experience related to your career goal!  Students will identify their planned career area of interest; and the teacher will place them with an appropriate business partner.  Students will be released from school to participate in this hands on work based learning opportunity in which you will earn high school credit, earn money, and learn applicable skills. As you gain real world experience, you'll keep a log of what you're learning and identify next steps for your career development. This course has online learning components. This course aligns with the Minnesota Technical Careers/ Occupations Program Standards. Taking Career Launch A & B in same academic year is preferred but not required.
This course may be repeated. 


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Media & Technology
Support Team

(Student Tech Team) 

Media & Technology Support Team IA/B Not Offered 2023-2024   Course: 1550/1551 Grade: 10-12

Prerequisite: Students should register for this course

Students will become members of the Tech Team to develop knowledge and understanding of a wide range of instructional technologies while assisting their peers and staff members. Students will work as an adjunct to the tech support staff, and will provide support and perform minor repairs. Students work independently and in pairs to provide a technology help desk. In addition, students work on projects and assignments designed to increase their knowledge and skills in things such as Google Apps, web development, use of peripheries, hardware and software repair and upgrades, etc. In addition to class time, the whole team has monthly meetings outside of class time. Meeting times are set by mutual agreement of team members. Click here to learn more about the FLHS Tech Team.

This is a 1.0 credit course, and will be taken over 2 terms. Students must register for BOTH courses 1550 & 1551.

Media & Technology Support Team IIA/B Not Offered 2023-2024 Course: 1552/1553 Grade: 11-12 Prerequisites: Media & Technology Support Team I

This course is a continuation of the work begun in Media & Tech I. Students will assume a leadership role within the student tech team, and will assist level I students, and they will continue their work with the building’s technology staff. In addition, each time a student takes Media & Tech II, they will set a personal learning goal in a topic of their choice. Topics may include such things as robotics, coding, web design, app development or other independent learning experiences and must be approved by the instructor.

Students may take just 1552 for 0.5 credits, or they may add 1553 for 1.0 credit per year. (Media & Tech II may be repeated, but this course may NOT be taken in the same year as Media & Tech I).

TV & Film

Students have the opportunity to work for or with LATV to develop skills related to the worlds of TV & film.

Currently students have the opportunity to seek either paid positions (ages 16 and older) with LATV or learning opportunities including: announcing sporting events, filming government meetings, developing human interest stories, reporting news stories, creating short films, and/or creating cable access TV shows.

Contact Paul at LATV for more information.