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Graduation Requirements

Students must earn a total of 26 high school credits in order to graduate. In addition, many of these credits must come from specific content areas.   Below are the graduation requirements broken down into specific departments. For clarity, specific courses that fulfill the graduation requirements are listed. Please note that many of these classes have grade level or additional restrictions for registration. See the course catalog for more information.

Language Arts (4.0 Credits)

English 9 A&B (1.0 credits)

English 10 A&B (1.0 credits)

English 11 A&B or AP English Language and Composition A&B (1.0 credits)

Communication Course (0.5 credits)
Choose one from of the following courses:

  • Communication Theory & Practice
  • Speech
  • CIS Advanced Public Speaking
  • Argumentation

English Elective (0.5 credits)
Choose one from the following courses:

  • AP English Language & Composition
  • Technical Writing
  • College Prep Composition
  • Writing Workshop
  • Creative Writing
  • CIS University Writing & Critical Reading
  • Literature of the Imagination
  • World Literature
  • Pop Lit in Spanish
  • CIS Intro to Literature
  • Technical Theatre
  • Theatre Directing and Performance
  • Introduction to Media
  • Mass Communication

Math (3.0 Credits)

Algebra 9 A&B (1.0 credits)

Geometry A&B (1.0 credits)

Algebra II A&B (1.0 credits)

Social Studies (3.0 Credits)

Citizenship & Government (0.5 credits)

Geography (0.5 credits)

World History A&B (1.0 credits)

U.S. History A&B (1.0 credits)

Economics (0.5 Credits)

Economics (0.5 credits); or

Agricultural Economics (0.5 credits); or 

AP Microeconomics (0.5 credits)

Science (3.5 Credits)

Physics A&B (1.0 credits)

Chemistry A (0.5 credits)

Biology A&B (1.0 credits)

Earth & Space Science (0.5 credits)

Chemistry B or Science Elective (0.5 credits)

Physical Education/Health (1.5 Credits)

Physical Education 9 (0.5 credits)

Physical Education 10 (0.5 credits)

Health (0.5 credits)

Fine Arts (1.0 Credits)

Any Art or Music courses not including Music Theory

Electives (9.5 Credits)

Students must select at least 9.5 credits worth of electives to finish out the 26 credits required for graduation. These electives may come from any and all content areas.

Ranger Connect (0.25 Credits/Year)

Grade 9 (0.25 credits)

Grade 10 (0.25 credits)

Grade 11 (0.25 credits)

Grade 12 (0.25 credits)