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NCAA Core Offerings



The following list of courses offered at Forest Lake Area High School meet the core course requirements for the NCAA.  This list of courses may change at any time.  Be sure to verify approved courses through the NCAA Clearing House.


American Literature 10 A & B

American Voices A & B

Argumentation Argumentation/Adv

British Literature College Prep

Composition Communication

Theory & Practice Creative Writing

AP English Language/Comp

AP English Lit/Comp

English Comm/Lit

English 9

English 10

English 9 Accelerated

English 9 Enriched

Literature of the Imagination

Literature as Performance Popular

Literature Popular

Lit in Spanish CIS

Advanced Pub Speaking

Speech CIS University Writing & Critical               

Reading CIS Intro to Literature

World Literature

Writing Workshop 


Algebra 9A

Algebra 9B

Algebra IIA 

Algebra IIB 

AP Calculus 1A

AP Calculus 1B 

AP Calculus 2A

AP Calculsu 2B

CIS Alg Through Modelling A 

CIS Alg Through Modelling B 

Geometry A

Geometry B 

Pre-Calculus A 

Pre-Calculus B

Pre-Calculus C


AP Statistics A

AP Statistics B


Ag Economics

Ancient Civilization

Anthropology Contemporary

Social Issues Eastern Civilization

Economics A

Economics B

History & Cultures

Human Geography

CIS Macroeconomics

CIS Microeconomics Political Science

CIS Political Science Psychology

AP Psychology A/B

Russian Civilization


Social Studies 9A/B/Accelerated

U.S. and the World

U.S. History A

U.S. History B

AP U.S. History A

AP U.S. History B

CIS U.S. History - 1880

CIS U.S. History - 1880 + Western Civilization

AP World History A/B

World History A/B


Accelerated Chemistry

Biology A/B

AP Biology A/B/C 

Chemistry in Community 

Chemistry A/B

AP Chemistry A/B/C

Human Anatomy 

Earth and Space Science 

Environmental Science

Geology-The Dynamic Earth

Meteorology Methods in Field Biology 

Field and Forensic Biology

Physical Science 9A/Adv

Physical Science 9B/Adv

Physical Science 9 A

Physical Science 9B

Physics A-Force & Motion 

Physics B-Waves & Light 

Topics in Physics A

Topics in Physics B

AP Physics C-Mechanics A/B


French IA

French IB

French IIA

French IIB

French IIIA

French IIIB

French IVA/CIS

French IVB/CIS

French VA/CIS

French VB/CIS

Spanish IA

Spanish IB

Spanish IIA

Spanish IIB

Spanish IIIA

Spanish IIIB

Spanish IVA/CIS

Spanish IVB/CIS

Spanish VA/CIS

Spanish VB/CIS

Chinese IA

Chinese IB

Chinese IIA

Chinese IIB

Chinese IIIA

Chinese IIIB

Chinese IVA

Chinese IVB 

Chinese V A

Chinese V B

Online courses are pending NCAA approval. Check with your dean before enrolling in courses. Visit the eligibility center  website at: for the most current list.