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Weighted Grades

Students are encouraged to take challenging courses that prepare them for college and/or expose them to potential career interests. 

  We recognize that the grades eanred do matter when students apply to colleges and scholarships. Therefore, courses awarding college credit are weighed at a value of 1.25. Types of weighted courses include:

  1. Advanced Placement (AP) courses.
  2. Concurrent enrollment courses (earn college credit while taking them in the high school environment), including CIS (University of MN), College Now (Southwest State University), and Pine Technical & Community College.
  3. Post-Secondary Education Options (PSEO).


Courses offered with weighted grades and the weight values can be found at this link. Please see Ranger U for additional information.

 Weighted Grade Values

 Grade Non -Weighted Grade Value  Weighted Grade Value 
 4.0 5.0 
 A-  3.7    4.625
  B+   3.3     4.125 
 3.0   3.75 
 B-  2.7    3.375
  C+  2.3     2.875 
C  2.0 2.5 
 C-  1.7     2.125 
   D+  1.3     1.625 
 D  1.0    1.25 
   D-  .7      .875