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Career Launch

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Career Launch is funded in part with grant dollars awarded by Youth Skills Training @ MN Department of Labor and Industry to provide students with real world experiential learning opportunities. Opportunities include: Career Day speakers, workplace tours, job shadowing, mentorship, certifications and work based learning.  Please see the information below for my details about Career Launch programing.  

Students and parents interested in these experiences, or businesses wanting to participate, should contact Mike Miron at or 651-982-8510.

Student Opportunities

Career Exploration Days:  Twice per year, all high school students learn about their careers of interest by selecting sessions hosted by more than 100 community members representing a variety of fields.
Tours:  Students are able to see careers of interest first hand by participating in a variety of business tours.  For information about upcoming tours, visit the College & Career Planning page.  

Xello:  Students are able to learn about careers of interest and create post-secondary plans in Xello.

Career Pathways Guide:  This robust resource provides more information about careers, employment data, and post-secondary options.  The pathway guide also organizes Forest Lake Area High School's course offerings into pathways so that students can select courses purposefully during their secondary experience.

- Download the pathway guide at: Career Pathway Guide
- Watch the video at:

Ranger U:  These courses provide students with the opportunity to be immersed in their high school experience and attend classes at FLAHS, while earning college credits.  Learn more on the Ranger U webpage

Certifications:  These courses provide the training to earn industry certificates in a variety of fields.  Learn more at:  

Career Launch Courses & Work-Based Learning Internships:  Learn more about these opportunities on the Internships Page.

Business, Parents & Students can learn more by viewing our
Career Launch Brochure!

Employability Skills

Employability Skills

Youth Skills Training

The Youth Skills Training (YST) program supports partnerships between schools, employers and community organizations to provide safe, healthy and meaningful paid work experience to students 16 and older.  These locally developed partnerships provide exposure to industry, related classroom instruction, safety training, industry-recognized credentials and paid work experience.  More information about the program can be found on the YST @ DLI website.  

Thank you to the following businesses who have completed the YST @ DLI approval process!

Pioneer Press Article (5/31/24)

First page of the PDF file: HeyWeBuiltThatPioneerPress-3-31-24_Article

Business Partner Documents & Resources