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Ranger U Overview

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What is Ranger U?

Ranger U is provides students the opportunity to be immersed in their high school experience while earning college credits. Many students today feel they need to choose between the richness of high school (athletics, extra-curricular activities, social events, etc.) and starting college early as a PSEO student to save on college tuition. Ranger U enables students to do both.

How does Ranger U work?

All students, grades 9-12, have the opportunity to earn college credit through AP, CIS, or other concurrent courses. Each concurrent enrollment course will have eligibility requirements listed in the course description.  

Weighted Grades

 Courses designated as Ranger U courses in the course catalog are graded on a weighted or 5.0 scale. A student's weighted GPA is included on official transcripts. For more information on weighted grades click here.

Advanced Placement
(AP) Courses

AP courses are classes taught by FLAHS teachers with specialized training and certification to prepare students to take an end-of-year AP exam. Depending on students' scores on the AP exam, college credits can be earned in a variety of subjects.

Concurrent Enrollment/

Concurrent enrollment courses are classes offered at FLAHS in which students are also dually enrolled into an accredited college program. The classes take place at FLAHS, with FLAHS staff, but work is submitted and approved by the partnering college. Upon successful completion of the course, students earn college credits from the partnering university or college. FLAHS has established concurrent enrollment classes with the University of Minnesota, Southwest State University, Pine Technical and Community College, and Hennepin Technical College.

Use this worksheet to confirm your eligibility for concurrent enrollment options to ensure that you can take the course and receive credit.

Academic Lettering 

In order to earn a Forest Lake Area High School Academic Letter, students must earn a cumulative grade point average based on the following:  

Year in School



Cumulative GPA



Honor for Literacy (Rangers Read) 

We know that reading is tied directly to life-long learning and success. To encourage our students to make reading a regular part of their lives, we have a literacy program called Rangers Read. Students who read a minimum of 10 books a year and complete a "book talk" with their advisory teacher will earn the privilege of wearing a white literacy honor cord for graduation. More information about the Rangers Read program can be found at this link.