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Registration Overview

Registering for courses each year is a critical part of the high school experience.  Thoughtful course selection and student performance will determine a student's future opportunities. Following the 5-step registration process helps students design a pathway to achieve their future goals. It is important that students and families utilize the support available through their deans, assistant principals, and Ranger Connect teachers.

Before you begin, please watch the Career Pathways Video.

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 Site Visitors The registration process is an integral part of each student's digital portfolio. Follow the steps below to better understand our registration process. 


Tips to Consider

  • Team Approach - The best approach to a proper schedule is for students, with assistance from their parents and dean, to carefully select correct choices when they register.
  • Aim High - Select challenging courses in high school to prepare for future educational and career goals. Students who plan to attend college are encouraged to take Ranger U identified courses to earn college credit.
  • Be Selective - Choose elective courses that challenge learning, support interests, allow for exploration, and pursue vocational goals.