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Excused Absences


  1. Parent/doctor verified illness: an absence verified by a parent/guardian or doctor. If a student becomes ill during the school day, (s)he must report to the Health Office. A parent/guardian will be contacted if it is necessary to arrange for an ill student to be taken home. No student is to leave the building or the school grounds during the school day without having an early dismissal slip, having permission from an administrator or signing out in the Health Office.
  2. Family emergencies: an absence resulting from a serious illness, injury or death of an immediate family member.
  3. Scheduled appointments approved by parent: an appointment that could not be arranged after school or on a day when school is not in session and has been previously approved by the school and verified by the parent/guardian. Appointments with doctors/dentists should be arranged after school or on days when school is not in session. If this is not possible, the student should arrange to be excused the day before the appointment. An excuse shall be in written form from the parent/guardian or a medical professional.
  4. Religious holidays for closely held religious beliefs, or religious instruction up to three hours per week.
  5. School directed activities: absences for field trips, athletic trips, music trips or other school activities planned by the school district and approved by the parent/guardian.
  6. Prearranged family vacations: an exceptional circumstance which requires families to take a vacation during the school year.
  7. Prearranged Knowledge and Driver’s Tests. ( This does not include behind-the-wheel training.)
  8. Suspension: as defined by the school board. NOTE: All proposed suspensions of students with an IEP must be discussed in advance with the Special Education Director or designee.
  9. Discipline issues: an absence resulting from a student being sent home during the school day for a behavioral/discipline problem. NOTE: Any time it is being considered to send home a student with an IEP for a behavioral/discipline issue, there must be a discussion in advance with the Special Education Director or designee.
  10. Court appearances: an absence by a student who has been court ordered to appear and the absence has been previously arranged by the parent / guardian with the school.
  11. Exceptional circumstances: any other circumstances where permission may be granted at the discretion of the school official, which is coordinated by the family with the school.
  12. Weather: extreme weather conditions preventing students from getting to school safely.
  13. Transportation problems: mechanical failure or problems related to school transportation, to be excused at the discretion of school officials.