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In this example, searching Cleopatra brings back numerous results on the Shakespeare play "Anthony & Cleopatra"

Using the NOT in the search terms will eliminate results associated with the play, leaving better results for articles on Cleopatra, the person.

Click on Databases from A-Z

use encyclopedias to get an overview

  • It is difficult to find research unless you know something about your topic.
  • Encyclopedias may NOT be used as an academic source
  • Find academic sources from appropriate databases
    select database
    • Click the "Databases A-Z" link to see descriptions of databases
    • choose ones that seem to match your needs
    • some of the databases that are useful for many subjects include (but are NOT limited to)
      • Academic Search Premier
      • Ebsco Megafile
      • Student Research Center
      • Student Resources in Context

use search limiters (usually check boxes)

  • full text
  • peer reviewed

Consider a NOT search

  • Sometimes a search will bring back lots of articles that are all referencing something you don't want, like a book review. By using a NOT in your search criteria, you can eliminate items that are cluttering up your results.