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Rangers Read FAQs

What is the Rangers Read Program, and how does it work?

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Rangers Read is an honors program designed to encourage and reward students who read books. Here are the highlights:

 - Students read and document 10 books during each year of high school.

 - Upon completion of book 10, students meet with their Ranger Connect teacher and complete a "book talk" each year.

 - After the 4 years, 40 books, and 4 book talks, students are recognized as having earned a Literacy Honor.

        - Those students may wear a white Literacy Honor cord during the commencement ceremony in recognition of their achievement.

        - Students who complete the program by the end of quarter 3 of their senior year will also be recognized in the graduation program.


Am I allowed to list books that I have read for my English class?

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Absolutely! Any book (non-textbook) that is read in its entirety may be listed, even if you read it for a class.


What is a book talk? It sounds scary.

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A book talk is just an opportunity for you and your Ranger Connect teacher to connect over books. Typically, the Connect teacher will select a book from the list and have you tell them about it. That said, some Connect teachers have different formats, so this can vary from class to class.


I didn't start at FLAHS in 9th grade. Do I still need to read 40 books and do 4 book talks?

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Students who join the Forest Lake Area High School student body after 9th grade are only required to complete 10 books and 1 book talk for each year (or partial year) where they attend FLAHS. So for example, if a student starts at FLAHS during their junior (11th grade) year, they would need to complete 20 books and 2 book talks.


I didn't think I wanted to do Rangers Read in 9th grade. Is it too late to change my mind?

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We want all students to reap the benefits of reading, but we also want to honor the hard work of others. To be fair, we ask that students who join the Rangers Read program late, make up for missed time. So, a student who begins the program in 10th grade would need to read 40 books over 3 years. An 11th grader would theoretically need to read 40 books in 2 years.

Please work with your Ranger Connect teacher to determine if and how you can make up for lost time, and make a plan for getting in your 40 books and 4 book talks.


I completed the program. How do I get a white lit cord to wear at graduation?

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Students who complete the program will have the opportunity to purchase a lit cord at the same time as other honor cords and stoles. Typically, this happens several weeks before graduation.


I have questions that were not answered here. Who can I ask?

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You should likely start with your Ranger Connect teacher, but if they don't know, you can reach out to Mrs. Fabyanske in the media center.