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Co-curricular Programs


Academic Expectations:

It is the expectation of Forest Lake Area High School and Junior High Schools that all students who participate in activities will maintain eligibility by establishing satisfactory progress towards graduation. In addition, students will maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0, and students will not be eligible if they have a failing grade in any class

Student Academic Eligibility Process:

  1. A bi-weekly progress report will be published for each school that identifies any student who has a failing grade.
  2. Students with a failing grade will have two weeks to improve to a passing grade.
  3. If the student is not passing, he/she will be ineligible for competition until the grade is passing.
  4. If a student has more than two failing grades, he/she will be unable to practice or compete until the grades are passing.
  5. Ultimately, building Activities Directors or Principals will have the final say on eligibility in individual cases.

Attendance requirements:

  1. Students are expected to attend all practices and contests.
  2. Absences from practices and contests due to personal reasons will be handled by each coach according to pre‑established team rules and guidelines.
  3. Students who have not attended a full day of classes due to illness may not play in a game or participate in a school performance that day.
  4. Students who have received an excused Leave School Pass for reasons other than illness may practice or play, on presentation of the permit to their coach or advisor.
  5. Students suspended from school or sent home for inappropriate behavior will be ineligible for contest, practices or any team functions during the time of the suspension. Days missed will also be considered unexcused by the coach or advisor. Students suspended from school are also ineligible for the next scheduled competition.
  6. A student who has a truant absence any part of a school day is ineligible for participation that day. If the absence is not discovered until a later date, the student will be ineligible for participation as soon as the information is received.
  7. A student who has excessive unexcused absences (3 or more per school year) will be ineligible for participation the day of any further unexcused absences. If the absence is not discovered until a later date, the student will be ineligible for participation as soon as the information is received.

Post Season Awards and Lettering Requirements:

  • Each coach will make lettering requirements available to participants. 
  • A student who receives a MSHSL suspension during the season will be ineligible to receive a letter. 
  • Students receiving a MSHSL suspension may be ineligible for post-season awards including, but not limited to, selection all-state, all-conference and honorable mention.

MSHSL Chemical Violations

A. Order of Penalties

1. 30% of regularly games or 2 weeks whichever is greater.
     i. ex: Football: 9 games x 30% = 3 games
     ii. ex: Basketball: 26 games x 30% = 8 games

2. 50% of regularly scheduled games
     i. ex: Football: 9 games x 50% = 5 games
     ii. ex: Basketball: 26 games x 50% = 13 games

3. 75% of regularly scheduled games
     i. ex: Football: 9 games x 75% = 7 games
    ii. ex: Basketball: 26 games x 75% = 20 games
    iii. A student who becomes a participant in a treatment program may become eligible for participation after a minimum period of six weeks after entering treatment if all of the following conditions are met:

1. The student is assessed as chemically dependent

2. Enters treatment voluntarily, and

3. The director of the treatment center certifies that the student has successfully completed the treatment program.

B. Penalties will be enforced and applied beginning in 7th grade.

C. If violation occurs at the end of season, playoff games will be counted.

MSHSL Code of Conduct Violation
Penalties are determined on a case by case basis.

Forest Lake High School has a well-balanced co-curricular program for its students. The school is a member of the Minnesota State High School League and the Suburban East Conference, which includes Forest Lake, Cretin-Derham Hall, East Ridge, Hastings, Mounds View, Park, Roseville, Stillwater, White Bear Lake and Woodbury. The following Minnesota State High School League sponsored Category I* activities are available to FLHS students:

Boys/Girls Soccer  B.Swim/Diving  Boys/Girls Golf 
B/G Cross Country    B/G Alpine Skiing  Boys Baseball 
Football     B/G Nordic Skiing   Boys Tennis 
G. Swim/Diving  B/G Basketball  Boys/Girls Track 
Girls Tennis  B/G Hockey  Girls Softball 
Girls Volleyball  Wrestling  Synchronized  Swim 
Debate   Gymnastics  Special Olympics 
Special Olympics Competitive  Dance  Lacrosse 
Club Dance  Speech 

 *Category I activities are those activities with a regular schedule of competitions or tournaments. There are also many Category II activities available to students, which include Drama (One-Act), Music.. Category II activities may be considered Category I activities if a regular schedule of competitions or tournaments is adopted. The MSHSL rules governing Category I activities and any additional amendments approved by the School Board shall also apply to all other co-curricular activities offered by FLHS.

In order to participate in Category I & II activities, students must meet the following standards:

  • S/he must be under the age of twenty (20). 
  • S/he is allowed only four seasons of competition in any given program while enrolled in the senior high. 
  • S/he will not play more than four seasons in any sport in grades 9-12. 
  • S/he must be an amateur, and refrain from using athletic skills for gain. 
  • S/he cannot be a member of any other team during the season of any given sport or activity. 
  • His/her parents/legal guardian must maintain a legal residence in the school district, or the pupil must acquire eligibility (Refer to MSHSL) 
  • S/he must successfully pass a prescribed physical examination and be certified as physically fit to participate in a designated sport /activity. 
  • S/he must attend school regularly. 
  • S/he must attend the entire day of school on the day of a contest in order to compete. (Coaches will determine practice policies) 
  • S/he must show proof of health insurance. 
  • S/he must sign and have parents sign an Athletic Eligibility Information Bulletin (MSHSL).
  • S/he shall not: 
1) Use a beverage containing alcohol;
2) Use tobacco;
3) Use, consume or have in possession, buy, sell or give away marijuana or any controlled substance, or participate in any unlawful event that involves the use of alcohol during the calendar year. “Participate” includes being at a party where alcohol is being consumed. Penalty shall be the penalty imposed by the MSHSL bylaws.
  • S/he shall not violate the racial/religious/sexual harassment bylaws of the MSHSL. 
  • Students involved in vandalism of school property or violation of the criminal code may be subject to the same disciplinary action specified for the use of alcohol/drugs.

The MSHSL rules governing Category I activities and any additional amendment approved by the School Board shall apply to all co-curricular activities not under the control of the MSHSL, but these rules shall only apply when the students are under the supervision of the school district. Complete MSHSL rules are outlined in the Activity Eligibility Information Bulletin that is available in the Activities Directors Office or online at


 Drama    Environmental Club   FFA   Pep Band 
 Rotary Interact Club   International Club   Art Club     School Newspaper 
 SADD    National Honor Society     Visual Arts Club   Yearbook 
 Open Minds Club   Student Council 

 Athletes are reminded that all forms must be on file with the Activities Office prior to participating in any sport. All forms and fees are to be given to the Activities Office. Do not give forms and fees to coaches. The family max is $1150.

Fee Philosophy: It is the intent of this School District to offer all students an opportunity to participate in activities regardless of their ability to pay. Please contact your school Principal if you need assistance with fees. The fee schedule is as follows:

2013-14 Activity/Athletic Fees:

7-9th Grade Clubs and non-athletics $ 70

10-12th Grade Adaptive Athletics $ 90

Non-Leads in Plays $ 90

One Act Play $140

All 7/8th grade sports $140

All 9th grade sports $193

Tennis $193

Spring Play Lead or Speech $210

Debate or Fall Musical Leads $210

Weight Training (per session) $ 65

*Cross Country Running $210

*Baseball, Golf , *Lacrosse or *Soccer $228

*Track,*Softball or *Volleyball $228

*Alpine Skiing or *Nordic Skiing $245

*Swimming/Diving or *Synchronized Swim $245

*Football or *Wrestling $263

*Gymnastics $263

*Dance Team $280

*Hockey $298

*Basketball or Drumline $315

Service based organizations (NHS, Student Council, Interact, FFA, etc.. $35)

*$100 equipment deposit: The deposit will be returned to the athlete when the equipment is turned back in. If the athlete is not able to attend the “Team Turn in Day”, the athlete has two weeks to get the equipment turned in; after which the check will be cashed.

FEE COLLECTION DEADLINE and REFUND POLICY: Fees must be paid prior to the beginning of a sport/activity, but will be held for a period of two (2) weeks after the practices begin. Season ending injuries, moving away or cuts from squad will result in 100% of the fee refunded from the beginning to the mid-point of the season. No refunds after the mid-point of the season will be given and no refunds for voluntary quits after the second week of practice.

To qualify for an academic letter, full time students at FLHS must maintain a minimum grade point average, in regular education classes, as listed below. Letters can be earned at the end of the third term during a school year, and will be awarded at the spring Academic Awards Ceremony. The grade point average is figured cumulatively throughout the student’s attendance. (Ex: the GPA used for academic lettering for a senior includes the GPA of his/her 9th,10th and 11th grades).
Qualifying Grade Point Averages are:

Sophomore: 3.8 Junior: 3.7 Senior: 3.6

As with athletic/activity letters, only one chenille letter will be provided. The academic bar is available for purchase at the high school Activity Office.

See the Activities Handbook for more detailed information on Activities, Athletics, Fine Arts policies and fees.