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Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. Students are expected to follow the same behavioral standards while riding school as are expected on school property or at school events. All school rules are in effect while a student is riding the bus or at the bus stop. Consequences for school bus/bus stop misconduct will be imposed by the assigned dean. In addition, all school bus/bus stop misconduct will be reported to the District Transportation Safety Director. Serious misconduct will be reported to the Department of Public Safety and may be reported to local law enforcement.


  1. Get to the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time. The school bus driver will not wait for late students.
  2. Respect the property of others.
  3. Keep your arms, legs and belongings to yourself.
  4. Use appropriate language and volume.
  5. Stay away from the street, road or highway when waiting for the bus. Wait until the bus stops before approaching the bus.
  6. After getting off the bus, move away from the bus.
  7. If you must cross the street, always cross in front of the bus where the driver can see you. Wait for the driver to signal to you before crossing the street.
  8. Fighting, harassment, intimidation and horseplay are unacceptable.
  9. Eating, drinking or use of tobacco or drugs are prohibited.
  10. Do not bring weapons or dangerous objects onto the school bus.
  11. Do not damage the school bus.
  12. Follow the directions of the driver.

If these rules are broken, the school district’s discipline procedures are to follow.

Consequences are progressive and may include suspension of the bus privileges.

FLHS students are NOT to congregate before or after school in the area across from the high school entrance on Highway 97 or on Highway 61. It is requested that students who are brought to school in the morning or picked up in the evening use the parking areas to the south of the high school, rather than Highway 97. Highway 97 is posted as a “NO PARKING – NO STOPPING” zone. Once students are on school property, they are to enter the building. Leaving school property after arrival can be done only with a Leave School Pass. Students should use crosswalks and obey traffic lights when crossing the highway. Students are also not to congregate in the parking lot area. It is for the concern of student safety that we require all high school students to observe the regulations listed above.

Every year more students request parking permits than are spaces available. Consequently, permits will be issued according to the following priorities:

1st: Unique Medical Condition (A doctor’s statement must be provided) 2nd: Enrollment in special high school programs that require transportation at irregular times or locations. (i.e. Jazz Band, Post Secondary Options 3rd: Seniors and Juniors

Parking permit applications may be denied due to attendance or discipline issues.

Generally, no permits are available for sophomores. Permits are issued for a half-year (two-term) period. The fee for a student parking permit is $200 per semester. Students who normally do not drive to school must purchase a one-day permit at the cost of $5. One-day permits are sold on a space available basis, so it is recommended to buy in advance. All students parking in the lot without an appropriate parking pass will be subject to a fine with the possibility of additional consequences.

All motor vehicles (as defined by MN State Statute 169.01 subd. 3) must be legally parked with an appropriate, visible permit. Violators are subject to fines, towing at owner’s expense and loss of permit. Students may pick up a parking permit application in the Student Services Office. They should return the completed application with payment to the Student Services Office. They must present a valid driver’s license when picking up the permit. Students with attendance/tardy or other discipline issues run the risk of losing their parking permit as a result; Students that forfeit their permit due to rule infractions will NOT have the permit fee refunded and students with repeated parking offenses may not be able to purchase parking permits or passes in the future.

Because bus transportation is available to each student in the district, it is important to remember that driving to school is considered a privilege and rules will be strictly enforced. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the following regulations and abide by them.


  • Permits must be present and displayed on the front window.
  • Students must use the Goodview Avenue student driveways to enter or exit the student lot.
  • Drive safely and obey the 10-mph speed limit.
  • Stay out of the parking lot during school hours unless a valid office pass has been issued.
  • Secure a valid leave school pass from the office prior to leaving during the school day.
  • Comply with all directions given by the parking guard.
  • Do not display inappropriate symbols or messages in or outside vehicles.
  • Follow school behavior rules.

School District 831 is not responsible for vandalism, theft, or injury of items in the school parking lots. Drivers should lock vehicles when leaving them parked in the school lot. Valuables should not be left in cars.

Any vehicle on campus is subject to search by school personnel in instances where the school official determines there is reasonable suspicion that a school regulation, a city law or a state law has been violated. This includes but is not limited to illegal drugs, alcohol, stolen property, weapons or other contraband that might be present in the vehicle.

Any vehicle on campus is subject to search by school personnel in instances where the school official determines there is reasonable suspicion that a school regulation, a city law or a state law has been violated. This includes but is not limited to illegal drugs, alcohol, stolen property, weapons or other contraband that might be present in the vehicle.

At no time are students allowed to park in the front staff or visitor lot. EXTREME CAUTION MUST BE USED WHEN ENTERING THE STAFF LOT THROUGH THE BUSY TRAFFIC AREAS NEAR THE BUILDING.

The parking permit can be revoked either temporarily or permanently for violation of provisions of this application or the “Secondary Student Code of Conduct” even if such violation is not related to the operation or parking of a motor vehicle. Examples of these violations are truancies, tardiness, or being in the lot without permission. Students improperly or illegally parked may have their vehicles locked with a wheel lock or towed at the owner’s expense. A $20 fine must be paid before the wheel lock will be removed. Continued violations could result in revocation of the parking permit without reimbursement until the end of the semester, and/or result in the loss of opportunity to purchase permits in the future.

Violation consequences will be progressive. Each violation will result in additional penalties ranging in severity, from warnings to temporary loss of permits, to application of wheel locks and/or towing at the owner’s expense, to permanent revocation of permit without refund.